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Introducing our 2023 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Featured Artist Kerry Clavadetscher
August 18, 2022

Kerry Clavadetscher, a Seattle area artist specializing in photorealistic painting, is our featured artist for the 2023 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Her original watercolor captures one of the many sights and scenes festival visitors experience each April. The fresh and vibrant piece invites people to experience the beauty of nature. Her artwork will grace the Tulip Festival’s 2023 poster, merchandise and official products.

Photorealistic Painting

“It’s a big deal to me as a realist – depicting a true scene or experience someone can have – it’s not a symbol, it’s a real thing,” Kerry noted when asked about her creation. She specializes in highly detailed paintings showcasing wildlife, botanicals and landscapes in the Pacific Northwest. Some depict small flower petals while others take fans to iconic vistas, all in a realistic style.

Discovering the 2023 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Artist

“I was visiting the Anacortes Arts and Crafts Festival a few years ago and saw this beautiful print of a bearded iris petal. I was intrigued and invited Kerry to apply to become one of our featured artists,” noted festival Executive Director Cindy Verge. “I think people will love the image she has painted.”

Kerry’s Background

Kerry holds a natural science illustration certificate from the University of Washington and a B.S. in physics from Yale. Before she became a painter she worked as a software developer for Microsoft, as an intern for NASA, and as a setter for one of the nation’s top youth volleyball teams. She creates from her studio in Lake Forest Park and in her free time you can often find her enjoying the outdoors. More of Clavadetscher’s work can be found at

Join us at Official Unveiling on November 9

The 2023 poster, merchandise and official products (wine, beer, cider, jewelry, coffee, cannabis, soap, chocolate bars, and candles) will be unveiled on Nov. 9 during the Unveiling Ceremony, sponsored by Heritage Bank. The event is scheduled to be in-person at Skagit Acres from 5:30 to 7 pm. Kevin Hartman of Westar Solutions will spend the next several months with his team to transform the featured artwork into the Tulip Festival poster. Hartman will also design other Tulip Festival Official Merchandise, including mugs, magnets, and coasters.

Official Products promote local, home-grown businesses

Each of the official products we have affiliated with the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival are made here in Washington state. Tammi at Reclamation Candle in La Conner, designs and handcrafts each of the candles and lotions she offers featuring the 2023 artwork on the label. And, that is repeated. Our beer is made here, the wine is pressed and bottled locally, the jewelry is designed and crafted here, as are the soap, the tea and scones, our cannabis is manufactured and packaged right here in Skagit County, along with our cider. Forte Chocolates, which makes and packages our official chocolate bar, has its home kitchen right in Mount Vernon. Attendees at the unveiling will get the chance to see and sample (as appropriate) our official products, plus have a chance to win a door prize and the 2023 Official Jewelry piece by Warren Jewelers.