Bloom Status

The tulips grown in Skagit Valley do not bloom according to a precise calendar and schedule predetermined by humans. Instead, the tulips bloom according to Mother Nature -- their schedule depends on the weather, particularly the weather in late winter/early spring. The tulips and daffodils only bloom once a year. Many thanks to Alaska USA Federal Credit Union for sponsoring these updates.

We will publish photos here showing the current status of the tulips and daffodils grown here in Skagit Valley -- Washington Bulb Company, Inc./RoozenGaarde plants the fields and the garden RoozenGaarde while Tulip Town plants the field and displays at Tulip Town. For more information on what is grown in the fields, go to

As of May 20, 2020, there are no more tulips blooming in Skagit Valley. Every year we come to this point as the brillant blossoms of spring are only around for a few short weeks. It is the nature of bulbs to only bloom once a year, unlike flowering plants like roses. Shown here is huge wooden box full of Abby's Charm tulip bulbs. They have been dug from the ground at Tulip Town. The dirt will be removed from around the bulbs, the bulbs will be processed, graded and stored in an area with lots of air circulation and no moisture so they don't get diseased. Some of the dug tulilps will be sold to gardeners while others will be planted back in the fields next fall. Mark your calendar for April of 2021 for a trip to the Skagit Valley.

Check back here for updates as we have more information and perhaps more harvest photos.