Tulips available year-round thanks to acres of greenhouses

August 20 2019

Need tulips today even though they’re not blooming in the fields? RoozenGaarde has them—both on-line at and in their store at 15867 Beaver Marsh Rd. in Mount Vernon.

The process of growing tulips off-season takes a lot of work—bulbs must be planted and then cooled to simulate winter. They are held until it is time to start growing the tulips—in 3-4 weeks the tulips grow in an automated, temperature-controlled greenhouse until they are plucked from the soil and then processed. Once the tulips are cut from the bulb, they are packaged and shipped off to happy consumers.

RoozenGaarde’s process allows them to have the right color of tulips for the right time of year. For instance, red is a very popular color for Valentine’s Day and Christmas.