Tulip Festival delegation led by KeyBank Tulip Ambassadors Visit Olympia

March 21 2018

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival brings the festival to our elected officials in Olympia each year, highlighted by an annual visit with our governor and secretary of state. Governor Jay Inslee welcomed our ambassadors, asking exactly how they were chosen and admiring the artwork of Melissa Jander. Ambassadors Henry Windler and Ava Luif were accompanied by Greg Reed, president of our board of directors, Brad Windler, Rayona Luif, Riley Luif and Executive Director of the Festival Cindy Verge.

Secretary of State Kim Wyman helped our ambassadors make a state seal certificate and asked them to hang the 2018 poster in a place of honor in her office. The Secretary of State’s office is decorated with many past tulip posters, showcasing our rich agricultural heritage.

Sen. Keith Wagoner, representing the 39th District, met with our group, showing the ambassadors the mechanics of voting from the floor of the Senate. Thanks to Sen. Wagoner, the group was able to get a photo taken on the Senate floor. Rep. Jeff Morris’ assistant Matt also helped the group get a photo on the House floor.

The ambassadors toured the capitol building as well, learning its history and finding out everything from the weight of the chandelier in the rotunda to the 5 different kinds of marble used in the building.

Riley Luif, big sister of Ambassador Ava, was impressed by the beautiful flowering cherry trees around the capitol campus. She taught the group about a Japanese tradition “hanami” (flower viewing) where outdoor parties are held beneath blooming cherry trees. Much like the tulips, the blossom forecast is announced each year by the weather bureau and watched carefully by those planning hanami as the blossoms only last a week or two.