Tulip Fans—thank you!!! Say Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Alive

March 27 2020

We will hope have more rainbows in the future! #togetherwetulip

Tulip traffic is something Skagit Valley just can’t handle in 2020. Our fields and gardens are closed to the public and to drive by viewing. The COVID virus is heavily impacting our area and we do not have the facilities or services to handle additional cases that visitors might add.

Help us by enjoying the tulips on-line (we will link videos here on our site and will be sharing pictures of our gardens, RoozenGaarde and Tulip Town). We do need your support as the COVID 19 virus is devastating to our festival. There are several ways to do this: buy merchandise here on our site, buy tulips from Safeway or Albertson’s stores, order tulips from Tulip Town ( or RoozenGaarde (

We are working hard to keep providing our fans with up-to-date information and virtual pictures as the 2020 festival will be a virtual one!

Please, do investigate while you are staying home and staying healthy!