RoozenGaarde answers Tulip Bulb Questions

July 04 2017

We are sharing this from the RoozenGaarde Facebook Page—lots of information for tulip fans!

“Some are asking how we can both sell bulbs and use them to force fresh cut flowers in our greenhouses… and then still have enough left to plant back into our fields? The simple answer: tulip bulbs multiply.

The image below features a topsize tulip bulb on the left and a family of bulbs on the right. When planting a topsize bulb (in the fall) we can expect a return similar to the bulb family on the right (the next summer). If you look closely you can see the dried up stem from the tulip plant in between the bulbs on the right.

Some varieties produce bigger bulbs than others. Some varieties produce more bulbs than others. Some varieties are simply better forcing varieties (good for growing fresh cut flowers in the greenhouse) than others. The most useful varieties for us are ones that do all of the above well. However, we also grow varieties for other reasons as well. For instance, some we grow simply because we think they are pretty!

The variety planted, size of the bulbs, field location and soil conditions, and winter/spring/early summer weather conditions are just some of the factors that will influence what sort of return we might get.”