Meet 2019 KeyBank Tulip Ambassador Izel Morales and Olivia Olson; first appearance at KAPS/KBRC

February 07 2019

Maple Hall was busy on February 6 as parents and students competing to be our 2019 KeyBank Tulip Ambassadors gathered to answer the question “Why do you want to be our Tulip Ambassador?” And, of course, a second “surprise” question.

At the end of the evening the scores from the judges were tallied, with the top boy, Izel Morales, and the top girl, Olivia Olson, named the 2019 KeyBank Tulip Ambassadors. Olivia is a fifth grader at Washington Elementary in Mount Vernon and Izel is a fifth grader at West View Elementary in Burlington.

The 2019 duo was welcomed to their new role by outgoing 2018 KeyBank Tulip Ambassadors Ava Luif and Henry Windler.