Calling All Artists

July 11 2019

If you are interested in trying to become our 2021 poster artist, the process is pretty simple:

Send us your resume, a portfolio of your work and a letter of interest to PO Box 1784, Mount Vernon, WA 98273 by August 19, 2019. We suggest that you send us images of tulips if you have them or in the alternative, florals and/or landscapes. While we love portrait painters/photographers and like artwork of every kind, we will be looking at your body of work to see what you might do with tulips.

Once we have all the artists who are interested, we have a committee that meets and goes over the submissions. At that time, we choose 3-5 artists to bring in to interview with us. At that point we will ask that you come to the meeting with ideas and concepts for the poster art. Following the in-person interviews, we will choose the 2020 poster artist and commission the artwork.

We pay $2,000 for the art; this gives us all rights to the piece. In return, the artwork appears on not just the poster, but our website (visited annually by approximately 500,000 people), on our brochures (190,000 printed and distributed) and on merchandise such as magnets, mugs, and t-shirts. In addition, it appears on the labels of our official merchandise.

The 2021 artist will be selected in October so that person can attend the November 7, 2019 poster unveiling.

We do ask that the person chosen to be our artist appear at the poster unveiling in November 2020, come to the gala in March 2021, and make signing appearances during the 2021 festival.