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2023 Poster Unveiling a resounding success
November 10, 2022

People love the 2023 poster

The 2023 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival featured artist Kerry Clavadetscher captivated the crowd at the annual poster unveiling on Nov. 9 as she explained how her artwork came to be. By focusing on “the little people,” the small critters who inhabit this world with us, Kerry worked to move the focus from “just tulips” to the world around us. Her poster, she noted, features the Savannah Sparrow which can often be found perching on individual tulips throughout the tulip fields and gardens that comprise the festival.

All-Chamber event

We were very proud that the Chambers of Skagit County made the annual poster unveiling, sponsored by Heritage Bank, the November all-chamber event. It is delightful to have people from throughout Skagit County come to see the festival poster for the very first time AND to enjoy the tasty tidbits from our participating restaurant sponsors AND to see and learn about the official products of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

Skagit Acres all set with Christmas finery

The host of the event, Skagit Acres, turns the nursery into a Christmas wonderland every November and December, giving us a beautiful, festive backdrop for the evening. The in-house cafe, operated by Skagit Landing restaurant, served attendees our Official Wine (Pasek Cellars), Official Beer (Anacortes Brewery/Rockfish Grill) and Official Cider (Farmstrong Brewery) along with mini meatloafs. Staff at Skagit Acres assisted us throughout the evening, making sure Willowbrook Manor, Olive Garden, Big Scoop Restaurant, Skagit River Brewery, and Schuh Farms were all set to go as well.

Official Product/Official Merchandise

Watch for more info as our Official Products (soap, tea and scone mix, candles and lotions, cannabis, jewelry, chocolate, and coffee) make their way into area retailers. And, of course, our 2023 merchandise is now available on-line at our store in at our headquarters in downtown Mount Vernon at 311 W Kincaid St. (open 10-4 M-F, closed Nov. 11, 24, and 25).

Original Painting on Display

Art fans will want to come by our office to see the beautiful original, as well as the poster, that Kerry created. All the originals from 1993-2023 created by featured artists are on display at our downtown location. We hope to see you soon.