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2021 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival a success, thanks to tulip fans
June 3, 2021



Tulip Fans kudos to you! We were worried about how people would respond to the 2021 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival after it was canceled due to COVID last year and after it became apparent that we would not be able to do “business as usual.” We should have known better — our wonderful followers listened, responded, and came out to see hundreds of acres of blooming tulips AND enjoyed the hospitality of the beautiful Skagit Valley.


We appreciate all of you who supported our festival operations through merchandise purchases — magnets, posters, t-shirts and mouse pads flew off the shelves. Dollars earned through our official products (coffee, wine, cider, beer, chocolate, candles, cannabis) and our official merchandise go directly to our coffers to help us put on the festival each year. Again, thank you!


The Skagit Valley community depends on the income from the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival each year to thrive and prosper. It is estimated that the “normal” festival brings in $65 million for our area each year. That happens because of the support of our fans, our community, and our government agencies.


As you may have realized, we were not able to put on the full line-up of festival events and activities this year, BUT we are busy — look for returning events for our 2022 festival AND some new!


In the meantime, a few pointers:

  • The thttps://www.tulips.comulips are done blooming, the bulbs will be harvested starting in June 2021, and the tulips will be planted in the fall of 2021 to bloom in April 2022
  • You can order bulbs from our tulip growers at or at; the growers will ship you the bulbs when it is appropriate for you to plant in your region
  • You can still buy 2021 merchandise from our on-line store or come by to visit us at 311 W Kincaid St. in downtown Mount Vernon
  • Watch for the announcement of our featured artist for 2022
  • Stay tuned for our fall poster unveiling and a NEW fall event for us


The Rant and Rave article was published in a May 2021 edition of the Seattle Times.