2018 Poster Artist Melissa Jander

January 10 2018

Melissa Jander creates art that engages emotions through color, shape, and expressive brushwork. Her bold, bright paintings evoke the feelings of warmth and sunshine, transporting the viewer into the image. Her oil paintings are multi-layered, including a gold underlay that radiates light throughout the image.

Capturing the essence of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in the 2018 poster meant Melissa painted lots of studies, experimenting with colors, adding and subtracting background and foreground images, until she was satisfied with the finished piece. Her attention to design and detail paid off with a showcase of tulips that delight.

A recent review of a show at Scott Milo Gallery by Stephen Hunter of the Cascadia Weekly captures the essence of Melissa’s work:
“Jander has found a vision which leaves her abundantly capable of freely varying her color and brushwork to make each painting appear distinct and fresh and lively —just the thing for the Skagit Valley on a gloomy day.”

A Seattle area artist, Melissa was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She began painting and creating at an early age, going on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language and Literature from Washington State University, a Graphic Design Certificate from the Art Institute of Seattle, and a Web Design Certificate from Bellevue College. Before pursuing her art full time in 2001, Melissa worked as a graphic designer and as a marketing professional.

2018 Poster Artist Melissa Jander