Visitors from around the world enjoyed the tulips of Skagit Valley

June 18 2017

2017 brought people from all corners of our world to Skagit Valley—a Kenyan Grandmother, travelers from Germany, friends from Georgia and North Carolina converging here—stories we were privileged to share as people passed through our office on the way to see the tulips and partake in festival events and activities.

Along the way our guests helped to support many charitable organizations—the salmon meals served by the Kiwanis group netted $72,000, which is slated to be given away as scholarships, support for a new Mount Vernon park, and other activities of the Kiwanis groups. Rotary and Lions organizations sold tulips as a fundraiser, other groups ran the Tulip Pedal and the Tulip Run, all benefiting from our guests from around the world.

We will be gathering more information from local organizations about their activities during the festival. As we get information, we will share it here.