Tulip Festival bloom prediction: tulips likely in bloom during last week of March

February 12 2018

Tulip Festival bloom predictions are not an exact science. Every year we work to determine exactly when the tulips (the star of the festival) will decide to arrive. This year, with our mild temperatures and rain, they are moving along a little ahead of schedule. If current conditions continue, it now looks like there will be tulips in bloom by the last week in March. Remember, once the tulips begin to bloom, the fields grown as crops by Washington Bulb Co./RoozenGaarde will be around for several weeks. In addition, there will be tulips to see in the gardens (RoozenGaarde and Tulip Town) the ENTIRE month of April.

We thought it would be interesting to show you how the tulips in the pots in front of the Tulip Festival are doing as we edge closer to spring. We took this picture on March 16. We now have daffodils in full bloom in the pot, along with some still in the bud stage (see the slightly yellow blossom). The curvy green leaves with a bit of reddish color on the end are tulips still coming up. leaves in front are tulips just starting to show above the soil. Tulip Festival bloom watchers know—the tulips bloom after the daffodils. Check back in a couple of days and we will have an updated photo of the same pot. Also watch here for pictures of daffodil fields as they begin to bloom.

Check out our Facebook page to find a special offer for those of you planning a visit right as the tulips start to bloom—we have arranged a special rate at one of our hotels so you can attend our gala on March 29 and spend the night, right at the beginning of the festival. Act fast—the promotion will expire soon.

Festival events and activities will happen as planned—RoozenGaarde is open year-round and Tulip Town will be open on March 30.