Bloom Status

The tulips grown in Skagit Valley do not bloom according to a precise calendar and schedule predetermined by humans. Instead, the tulips bloom according to Mother Nature -- their schedule depends on the weather, particularly the weather in late winter/early spring. The tulips and daffodils only bloom once a year. Many thanks to Alaska USA Federal Credit Union for sponsoring these updates.

We will publish photos here showing the current status of the tulips and daffodils grown here in Skagit Valley -- Washington Bulb Company, Inc./RoozenGaarde plants the fields and the garden RoozenGaarde while Tulip Town plants the field and displays at Tulip Town. For more information on what is grown in the fields, go to

This photo shows the PSE Bloom Box -- notice some of the daffodils are blooming. Also, take a look at the green shoot at the side of the box with all the roots -- that is a tulip leaf making its way to the light. You can also see sprouting tulips -- they have the red color to their leaves. This photo was taken on March 15; check back in a few days and we will show you the progress of the blooms. The tulips bloom after the daffodils bloom, so right the prediction that the tulips will likely be in bloom during the last week in March, appears to be right on track. This means there will be tulips in the fields for several weeks after they begin to bloom. Check back here often to see the latest pictures of the tulip fields and the Bloom Box.